Message from President


The year 2017 is the year of the celebration of the 130th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Thailand and Japan. There had been numerous activities and events to mark such an important milestone. JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2017, a trade cum consumer exhibition, was also one of the event that G-Yu Creative initiated to join the celebration of the two countries’ remarkable friendship, with more than 500,000 visitors visited the 3-day event with 11 zones of activities such as culture; entertainment; fashion; F&B; anime, travel, to name a few.

We believe that to start a great relationship between Thailand and Japan, firstly it should start off with the “soft power”. That means the ability to indirectly influence behavior or interests via culture. We, the management of G-Yu Creative, strongly believe in such principal too, and treasure a good friendship that turn out from a good collaboration in business.

After more than 10 years, I consider myself fortunate to have found and work with many good partners from Japan. Our partners ranges from the Japanese government to private sectors to whom have been working hard to promote many good and interesting aspects about Japan. We want to continue expanding JAPAN EXPO to other ASEAN countries too, as there are tremendous business opportunity awaiting the Japanese companies whom already have good Thai business partners, to expand further into other new countries in ASEAN, outside Thailand. That will make a good business synergy. JAPAN EXPO THAILAND is not just another exhibition but it is a unique platform to bridge the businessmen from Thailand and Japan to be closer and be able to promote their respective products and services.

We shall treasure the relationship between Thailand and Japan not only this year of 130th Anniversary celebration, but will continue to strength our great friendship & business relationship between these two countries forever.

Ms.Yupharet Eakturapakal
President of G-YU Creative.

On behalf of Japanese who staying in Thailand for more than 10 years, I can feel and sense of how Thai people having Nam Jai and lovely hospitality, which making me thinking of one of the Japanese word, “Omeotenashi” which is the Sprit of Japanese Hospitality, this similarity of feeling, made me always feel Thailand is my second home.

I am proud to be part of the team that organizer event to bond the relationship of Thailand and Japan through our event, especially JAPAN EXPO THAILAND which we would love this event to be ALL JAPAN EVENT that gathering all Thais who fond in love with Japanese contents such as Entertainment, Tourism, Food, and at the same time, to create business opportunities for Japanese firm that willing to do find Joint Venture or selling their products or services into Thai market and to do test marketing at our event.

I do believe that, to do business in the present time, “Relationship” would be the most crucial factor that each business firm has to concern to start business,both side need to understand each other is very important thing. On behalf of G-Yu Creative management team, I would love to thank you all the audiences who always attending and support our event. We have more and more people joining us each year. We will do our best to make JAPAN EXPO THAILAND not only entertaining people but also create the business opportunity for both Thailand and Japan.

Ms. Tomomi Kobayashi
Executive Vice President G-Yu Creative