Central World overwhelming by thoudsands of crowd!!

Fans marched to join “Oishi Greentea presents Japan Expo Thailand 2016 – the Japanese largest festival in Asia. It is a worth waiting!

The trend of Japanese culture is still on the stream. This festive Oishi Greentea presents Japan Expo Thailand 2016 was filled with hundreds of thousands of visitors comprising of teens and families, who are the fans of Japanese trend marching to join Oishi Greentea presents Japan Expo Thailand 2016 – the Japanese largest festival in Asia. The ultimate leading Japanese festival was brought the tops from Japan together in one place at Central World, the heart of Bangkok, during January 22 – 24, 2016 organized by the cooperation of Oishi Group (Thailand) Public Company Limited, Thai Life Insurance Public Company Limited, PTT Public Company Limited, Tri Phetch Isuzu Sales Company Limited, Mainichi Academic Group and G-Yu Creative Company Limited,

Ms Yupharet Eakturapakal , President & CEO of G-Yu Creative Company Limited, as the exhibition’s organizer, revealed that “the exhibition was fully equipped with hugely and wider varieties of charming and unique Japanese highlights in the exhibition. We created and arranged the spectacular decoration at the front area of Central World and inside the mall itself. There were more than 500,000 visitors participated the exhibition over the last three days.”
Ms Sumalee Kahasukcharoen, Director of Marketing department, Beverage Line of Oishi Group (Thailand) Public Company Limited, said “as the main sponsor of Japan Expo Thailand in this year, the company has arranged a variety of activities to serve all fans’ experiences, including the attractive Oishi Neko, the over-5-metre-high cat symbol of refreshing fun welcoming the fans to the exhibition. Moreover, we also built a lovely stylish Japanese garden at Oishi Sakura Street, as gimmick of activity ‘photogenic #OsihiJapanExpo to win the flight ticket to Japan. We also highlighted the newly launched product promotion for “Chewy Greentea with Kyoho Grape Juice’ together with the vineyard of Kyoho grape at the spot.”

The outdoor fun zone at the front arena was the main stage of Japan Expo Thailand Main Stage; performance led by the hottest Japanese girl group idols AKB48 with hit songs and dancing, following by many more groups and bands. The forefront J-rock SuG (Saku) band swept your rock heart with high jumps!! And many more dazzling activities provided by Oishi Greentea, including a 30-meter long Oishi Sakura Street styled by the atmosphere of Japanese garden right in front of Central World.
The charming boy band BOYS AND MEN came to entertain the fans with exclusive songs only for the fans. Also the girl group, Akishibu Project, heart-throbbed the fans, with young boys dancing to their singing. Additional to raise the entertainment came Musumen, notall, MIMIMEMEMIMI, Tempura Kidz, FESTIVE, defspiral, Sorgenti with their special shows along with unforgettable pleasure.
Meanwhile at the other stage, Japan Festa in Bangkok, held many more activities such as Cosplay of the Year, Cover Dance of the Year and J-Live Music from Thai cover group to name a few.

All 11 zones of activities, full of excitement, the most attractive zone to the participants was Taste of Japan Zone, which brought many unbelievable cuisine for fans’ experience from more than 30 well-known restaurants with top ingredients flew in directly from Japan led by Hanabatake Bokujo, the top knot patisserie from Hokkaido with exclusive scent of buttery and mellow made by authentic ingredients and many more delicatessen, for example, Acchichi Honpo – the best Takoyaki from Todomburi in Osaka, Gyoza no Ousho – the world’s number one Gyoza from Osaka, Sutzuma meat from Kagochima, Ramentodai – the front line ramen from Tokuchima, Okonomiyaki or Japanese pizza original from Hiroshima and many more.

Further, another zones also attracted the crowd with interesting information. Study in Japan Zone provided recommendations on all levels of education from Japan in their individual expertise. Anime & Festival Zone was arranged at the Otaku shopping street with leading shops and the activities from students majoring in Japanese languages from 11 leading universities. Japan Trend Zone was highlighted the debut of “3D DIVR” glasses, which can stimulate the virtual place of ZEN garden in front of your own eyes and the crowd was impressed by its beauty. Moreover, many people attended NHK World’s booth by DOMO and also joined the activities from TOKYO DISNEY RESORT as well as special activities from Chiba province. Also at the Tabi Japan’s booth represented by James Jirayu promoted the tourism in Japan with a chance to win free flight ticket to Japan. At Japan Travel Zone they offered special travelling promotion and packages from JTB only for this exhibition. Arts & Culture Zone provided experiences of Japanese cultures traditionally and contemporarily. Along with the enjoyment from ZOOMADANKE, the duo of Kendama performance for “Kodama” and “Easy”.

The touch of authentic arts and cultures at Japan Promotion Zone represented the writing of Shodo by Aoyagi Bisen and the NISHIJIN marquisette from Kyoto with the history of over 1,200 years and assimilated into the culture of the Heian era – the magnificent and delicate of woven. The first launch of Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 camera was also distinguished by new Selfie mode for perfect self pictures, lessen the out-of-frame issue.

At the Fashion & Beauty Zone, they ran the fashion show Harajuku in Bangkok by professional designer Kung Saruda Nimphitak of Kunita brand representing the collection of Kunita brand gracefully by over 108 top actors, artists and celebrities on the catwalk. The last show was welcomed by overwhelming applauses over the arena of Central World, which was spectacular and remarkable.
The Japanese sports fans were pleased by the genuine wrestling match of Michinoku Pro-wrestle with standard stage from Japan; the wrestlers impressed the crowd by making the game challenging and exciting.

At the end of the exhibition, it was totally pin a point to the fans and visitors, which made them wanting to come back for more of the Japanese entertainment, including Japanese artists, cartoons, animations, high-ranked restaurants, traditional fashion and contemporary fashion, top knot idols and bands, extraordinary arts and sports, the front line tourism and education. The crowd was pleased and enjoyed the highlights at every corner throughout the festival, which they recalled this exhibition was totally worth waiting for!!