The warmest, the most impressiveness and the biggest in Asia!!


“To celebrate the 130 years anniversary on the diplomatic relation between Thailand-Japan”
Inseparable and Infinity of Relationship

The 3rd Japan Expo Thailand 2017, the best Japan event in Thailand and Asia of the year.  Thousands of people came together for the event where occupied shopping area zones; outdoor and indoor at Central World, Shopping Center in Bangkok. With more than fascinating 11 zones of Japan events and activities for everyone to shop, to taste, and to witness the most superb Japanese events and activities, exclusively. The event was organized by G-Yu Creative Company with cooperation of the greatest alliances from the main sponsors included; Oishi Group Public Co.Ltd, Thai Insurance Public Co.Ltd, Thai Airways International Public Co.Ltd, PPT Group, Izusu Tri-Petch Public Co., Ltd, and Miniji Japanese Language.  The event took place from Friday 10th to Sunday 12th February 2017.

 Ms. Yuppares Eakturaprakal, CEO of G-Yu Creative Company, had organized this event perfectly and it was magnificent that worth waiting for, as the main objective was to celebrate the 130 years anniversary on the diplomatic relation between Thailand-Japan. It can be said that this event has completely strengthen the inseparable and the infinity relationship between Thailand and Japan through the warmth and the imposingness atmosphere which everyone could feel within the event.  From the event, it was expected to create business collaborations & expansions as well as great opportunities for tourism industry that could gain sustainability income capacity building and increase large amount of money exchange between two countries.

The main stage of Japan Expo Thailand 2017, gathered the hottest Japanese superstars, leading by PIKOTARO, the singer of the song "Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen" (PPAP), female idol group, the 6 girls of AKB48 and celebrities from Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Bangkok including more than hundred of Japanese superstars had shown their performance on stages, especially and only in this event.

At the 12th, Japan Festa in Bangkok 2017 Stage, embraced by many Japanese idols who came to Thailand exclusively for Cosplay-Coverdance followers. It began with mini live concert of the hottest idol singers from Japan, Pink Cres band, leading by Miyabi Natsuyak. Everyone was extremely impressed by Uquisudani Phil Harmony and a pretty signer, Akira who sings Anime song. For cover-dance fans and followers, they enjoyed cheering and voting for the Super Cover in the competition of "Cover Dance of the year 2017". They also intimately met the Cosway Thai Diplomat who is the most popular in the world, Yuegene Fay in Cosplay Runway activities.

 In Arts and Culture Zone was also splendid. People’s attentions were drawn by Shoko Kariyazaki, the World Class florist, presented live show of fine floristry demonstration on stage with cooperative from Volunteer Arts Project of painting artists group and sculpture artists group, under the concept of "Inspiration of two kingdoms by H.M. King Rama 9 for the graceful relationship between Thailand and Japan”. Moreover, there was overwhelming satisfaction of live concert from Ryoma Quartet that brought the most amazing show to us.

 It was extraordinary in Educational Zone where students and parents steady came to ask for information about further studies in Japan. As Mainishi Japanese Language School had prepared all information about studying in Japan and offered free service checking documents i.e. university/college applications for Thai students who want to study in Japan. 

 At Taste of Japan Zone was filled up with Japanese food lovers and gastronome, came for the best original tasty food from Japan.  With more than 30 well-known Japanese restaurants and the most delicious Japanese food such as food Kyosa (Japanese fried dumpling), Ramen, Takoyaki and sweet treats were the must try, i.e. Unagi Pie from Shizuoka/Tokyo banana, Shiroi Koibito. Especially for this year, the Taste of Japan zone presented Ekiben & Food Street, with variety of Bento as well as lots of fun from eating competition “Taste Soba from Iwate city”.

 Within Anime Zone, there was Doraemon booth welcoming all fans with limited edition of Pokemon stuff was sold only in Anime Zone!!

At Japan Travel Zone, JTB Thailand and Thai Airways International offered very special and the lowest price of direct flight air tickets to Japan. Apart from that, there were also city models of Hokkaido Osaka and Kyoto that displayed culture city and ancient capital city of Japan. As well as fun activities from NHK World that brought Domo and Japan Idol Team to entertain on stage for all 3 days long.

 It was fascinating in Fashion and Beauty Zone, particularly, grand opening “Black Beetles” brand by Khun Kung-Saruta Nimpitakpong and Khun Lek-Cullajak Chakraphong whom was marching the team of eight handsome men presented Black Beatles style on the stage, together with the remarkable fashion show Harajuku Kids in Bangkok. Finally, Best Jeanist Thailand Competition that selected actors, actresses and celebrities of Thailand to be awarded for the smartest blue- jeans/denims model included; Khun Neung-Suriyon Sri-orathaikul, the owner of Beauty Gems, Mai-Charoenpura, Pod-Thanachai Auchin, Pancake-Kemmanich Chamikorn and James-Jirayu Tangsrisook which raised enormous happiness and joyful from all fans.

 For part of Sport Zone, that was organized exclusive for wrestling followers since Dumb Matsumoto, female wrestler of the legend was invited to visit Thailand with Michinoku Pro-Wrestling team from Tohoku city and two top rank female wrestlers, Emi Sakura and Riho came to show their proficiency on wrestling stages at the event which made Thai fans unforgettably be amazed and excited.

 Above all else, it can be said that Japan Expo Thailand 2017 is the best Japan event in Asia as to celebrate the 130 years anniversary on the diplomatic relation between Thailand-Japan which Thai people and Japanese were having fun activities together for all 3 days long and strong relationship was firmly created. It was worth waiting for and it truly deserves the word of “BIGJAPAN EVENT!!!”


Message from President

My life has been so much involved with Japan, from studying the Japanese language since my school days, to working with the Japanese. My trip to Japan has been countless, perhaps a few hundred trips, nevertheless there are always new things for me to explore the wonder of Japan. I believe many people would feel the same way. I feel Japan and Thailand has a unique relationship which I cannot describe, it’s just like a perfect friendship by destiny! In Thailand, our society has absorbed and learnt so much about the Japanese culture, food, technology, as well as trading. If you ask me one word to describe about Japan, to me Japan is “PREMUIM”; If you ask me how to create a successful Japanese shows, events or exhibitions, I believe the key success is to think like Japanese and to act by the local.”

Ms.Yupharet Eakturapakal
President of G-YU Creative.

Awarded “ CEO AEC AWARD 2016”
Awarded “Best Biz & Products Awards 2017”
Awarded “ CEO AEC AWARD 2017”